A change of direction

Twenty eighteen was quite a year at The Wisdom Factory CIC (TWF). After the success of our first foray into technology solutions, BIDBase, came the departure of key people for pastures new. Nobody likes losing people they’ve enjoyed working with, and it hits particularly hard in SMEs and micro-businesses like ours.

But there’s an upside to (nearly) everything, and the upside to 2018 was the opportunity to re-focus what we do at TWF. This was a pretty easy decision to be honest; our most successful product was a technology product and – if I’m honest – it’s the stuff I enjoy doing the most. It’s the most challenging – and rewarding – in terms of problem solving and an outlet for creativity.

So here we are, a social enterprise tech start-up (or start-over) in the UK Midlands led by a 54 year old who never seemed to fully work out what he wanted to be when he grows up. We have some funding, some ideas, some existing products. It’s going to be an exciting ride. We’ve made the front page of this site easy to follow the progress of our three project line-up from concept to delivery; just click on the captions (as they acquire links) to see more detail on a given project.

Why these three? Well, originally there were six, which we have whittled down to the three that have immediate (or near-immediate) prospects of delivery. We think they fill a need in the market (surely the first requirement of any new product); they bring something to people that will help them and they’re just interesting things to do. The greatest luxury a person can have is to spend time doing things they find interesting and rewarding (remuneratively and mentally). So, if you’ve the time and the inclination, check back with us from time to time to see how we’re getting on. It’ll be fun.


Author: Mike Mounfield

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