The Grant Fund


At least 5% of all income to The Wisdom Factory CIC is set aside for a grant fund that is distributed after the end of our financial year in February. The purpose of the grant fund is to offer small amounts of funding for community groups, charities and social enterprises to use on projects that will benefit communities living in Birmingham. We accept grant applications between £250 and £1000.

We’ve all been put off by unnecessarily complicated and time-consuming funding application packs so we’ve tried hard to keep our process simple and clear. Please read the short set of rules and ‘tips’ below and then complete the online application form. Grants are awarded every April so just make sure you submit your application between 1st and 31st March. Contact us if you have any questions.

The Rules

  1. Applications from individuals will not be considered.
  2. All applicant groups must have, or have the use of, a bank account that is controlled by two or more people.
  3. All applicant groups must be community/voluntary groups, charities or social enterprises. Applications from commercial or for-profit organisations will not be considered.
  4. All applications must relate to projects that produce significant benefit for the City of Birmingham UK or its communities.
  5. Applications for grant funding for projects that promote religious belief of any kind will not be considered. 
  6. Applicant groups must agree to supply reasonable evidence of value for money after the grant is spent. ‘Reasonable’ will be defined by The Wisdom Factory CIC in this case. Failure to provide ‘reasonable evidence’ may result in the repayment of some or all the grant funding received by an applicant group.
  7. Applicant groups must agree to work with The Wisdom Factory CIC to, where appropriate, provide feedback on and images from the project to enable future promotion of the grant fund.
  8. The window for applications is 1st to 31st March 2023; successful applicants will be notified by email shortly after that.
  9. The decisions made by The Wisdom Factory CIC on which projects to fund will be final.
  10. By submitting an application you confirm that you are happy to receive emails from us regarding further grant fund opportunities.


  • You don’t need to write pages; keep it clear and simple. Give us enough information to understand why your project is needed, what you’re going to spend the money on and how the project will make an impact.
  • When explaining why your project is needed, it would be helpful if you have any statistics or can reference any research to demonstrate this.
  • Show us that you’ve planned your project and done some research. For example, you might decide to itemise your expenditure. If you need to fund a venue as part of your project, where is it and how much is it?
  • If you are a religious organisation, you will know the rules state that grants will not be awarded to promote religion so you must show that the project will not do this. For example, you might want to explain how the beneficiaries of the project won’t just be from your religious community but will be from all faiths or none.
  • If your project will require people being referred to you to benefit from the project, please explain who will make these referrals to you and what criteria they will use to identify these people.
  • It might be helpful for us to know if some of your project aims could be achieved with less funding. For example, if you are applying for funding to train four volunteers, tell us how much each one costs as you might be happy for us to fund one or two. 
  • Feel free to reference your website (or websites which mention you) or social media which gives us a feel for your organisation.
  • Are you looking for funding elsewhere? It won’t affect your chances if you are. It might be helpful to tell us what elements of the project you are seeking funding for from other bodies and who they are. 
  • Let us know your charity or company registration number if applicable.
  • We are always open-minded when we read the applications but we’re often influenced by the following factors:
    • How many people benefit
    • How long the benefit lasts
    • Values and culture
    • Innovation