BIDBase 3.5 is Live!

It’s nice to announce that the newest version of BIDBase, version 3.5, is now live and available to new and existing clients.

So what new stuff does BIDBase 3.5 have?

  • A new ‘Projects’ data item, for recording things like cleaning, safety initiatives, festivals and other B2C events, floral features, festive lights – in fact anything that isn’t a promotion or B2B event. The value of these projects boosts the BID’s RoI dramatically and is reported in your Monthly Activity Report.
  • A MailChimp integration so you can turn contact lists generated in BIDBase (e.g. in Comms or Custom People Groups) into a MailChimp ‘audience’ and send campaign emails from MailChimp. MailChimp and BIDBase work together seamlessly to take care of GDPR and record subscribes/unsubscribes – as well as recording campaign email ‘opens’ as business interactions in BIDBase.
  • Enhanced events tools mean that most B2B event management can now be done inside BIDBase, even allowing people to accept or decline event invitations via BIDMail.
  • New specialist dashboards for events, comms, promotions and street ops. Plus you can set any of these dashboards to be your ‘main’ dashboard, automatically appearing at login.
  • Direct access to the BIDBase API, allowing you to generate your BID’s API key to allow your website developer to create a live business directory for all businesses in your BID area.
  • Quick and easy changes to the appearance of BIDBase, with a range of colour schemes.

If your BID isn’t one of the 46 BIDs across the UK using BIDBase right now, check out to see what you’re missing or arrange a demo by dropping us a line at

Author: Mike Mounfield

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