The Wisdom Factory CIC was founded in 2012 and came out of a seething cauldron of:

  • The financial crash of 2008-10;
  • The onset of austerity;
  • The example set by the Community First fund;
  • The social and community activism milieu of Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter.

Our founder, Mike Mounfield, had spent his career mainly in transport and highway engineering-related activities, working in every tier of local government. You can read here why he started TWF CIC and get an idea of some of the good things it has been able to fund or co-fund here. You can meet Mike and the rest of the team here.

The company started out delivering project management, research and training services across a wide range of sectors, but it was our involvement in Business Improvement Districts (BIDs) that led us to develop the BIDBase CRM and operation management system for UK BIDs, further leading us to focus largely on SaaS (software as a service) products.

We are still based in the Jewellery Quarter, still rooted in helping marvellous people do marvellous things in their communities. We open our micro-grants fund every year on March 1st, welcoming applications for £250 to £1000 via our simple online process.